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cooker / плита, печь, кастрюля
имя существительное
plate, stove, cooker, slab, table, flag
oven, furnace, stove, heater, cooker, fire
pan, saucepan, pot, casserole, cooker, stewpan
имя существительное
an appliance used for cooking food.
In addition to this the ultra-modern culinary arts kitchen includes both gas and electric cookers , microwave ovens etc.
Like the fridge, the cooker was a staple appliance - every kitchen had one and it was a shape that we thought would never alter.
Two walls of it were lined with cupboards and kitchen appliances, like the cooker and the fridge-freezer which was crammed with blue ice pops.
Integrated appliances include a cooker with hob, double oven with extractor fan, a fridge-freezer and a dishwasher.
My kitchen consisted of a cold water tap, an electric cooker , and a dishwasher.
Features include a polished wooden floor, a tiled splashback, cream wall and floor units, an electric cooker and a gas hob.
Included in the sale are an electric cooker and gas hob.
There is a range of integrated appliances including an oven, cooker and four-ring ceramic hob.
Both families have found themselves frequently without lighting, heating, hot water or use of electrical appliances such as the cooker or kettle.
The employees are not allowed to use electrical appliances like cookers , refrigerators and pressing irons for fear of overloading the system.
For the middle classes, the decline of domestic servants was facilitated by the rise of domestic appliances, such as cookers , electric irons and vacuum cleaners.