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cookbook / поваренная книга
имя существительное
поваренная книга
cookbook, cookery book
имя существительное
a book containing recipes and other information about the preparation and cooking of food.
Sheila quickly tired of eating salads, though, and bought low fat cookbooks and food magazines and watched television shows about healthy cooking.
Her hobbies are reading and cooking but I think I've exhausted the book / cookbook gift in recent years.
And therein lies what I like about this cookbook - good food can be fast.
The source of this astonishing information is a cookbook that belonged to my grandmother.
It's easy to print recipes or store them in your own online cookbook .
But she was still a teacher, she still loved teaching, and she still loved food - a cookbook is Hilary's idea of bedtime reading.
He pulled out his grandmother's old cookbook and started preparing a small dinner.
I will tell you a bit about what forms the backbone of a cookbook - the recipes.
This attractive hardcover cookbook contains interesting recipes from start to finish.
This is more an encyclopedia of Italian food than a cookbook .
The recipe is in that cookbook and most of the ingredients are sitting out on the counter I think.