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coo / ворковать, говорить воркующим голосом
coo, spoon
говорить воркующим голосом
имя существительное
имя существительное
a soft murmuring sound made by a dove or pigeon.
Deer run here, but nature was subdued - the soft coo of a pigeon, the tracks of a rabbit, the thinnest of the branches bent low and coated thick.
(of a pigeon or dove) make a soft murmuring sound.
ringdoves cooed among the branches
used to express surprise.
“Coo, ain't it high!” Mary squeaked
chief operating (or operations) officer.
the coo of the dove
White winged doves coo , and a whiptail lizard scurries across the gravel.
Most days she goes to the writer's room, a calm neutral space where doves coo outside.
When I hear a soft coo , I look back and see him step out the window.
Wainwright isn't just a sweet songbird; she's the black dove with the weather-beaten coo and has the ability to howl like a seasoned blues singer.
It was a mellow sneeze from a nose at peace with itself, contented as the coo of a pigeon.
The nurses coo over how healthy and well it looks.
In the park the pigeons flap and coo , and a couple of girls wearing pink headscarves rock idly backwards and forwards on the red swings beside the climbing frame.
He cradled the pigeon in his hands, listening to it coo gently before releasing it into the air.
‘Yes, yes, please do,’ I would coo soothingly, anxious not to disturb his flow.