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convulsion / судорога, конвульсия, потрясение
имя существительное
spasm, cramp, convulsion, twitch, kink
shock, commotion, shake, convulsion, earthquake, jolt
имя существительное
a sudden, violent, irregular movement of a limb or of the body, caused by involuntary contraction of muscles and associated especially with brain disorders such as epilepsy, the presence of certain toxins or other agents in the blood, or fever in children.
Most children with febrile convulsions do not develop epilepsy.
a violent social or political upheaval.
the convulsions of 1939–45
Every thirty seconds or so a violent convulsion would shake her and she would tense then lie backwards, wheezing and moaning.
On the third day of admission the infant had a major convulsion .
And in the face of social convulsion , it's not likely that politicians are going to risk their careers and social chaos for the sake of principle.
It may present as a convulsion , unusual body movement, change in awareness or simply a blank stare.
The rill was a parched ravine now, as though some convulsion of the earth had bled the region dry of its lifeblood.
This was a time of political and social convulsion throughout Europe.
Serious side effects, such as convulsions , are more likely to occur in younger patients and would be of greater risk to infants than to older children or adults.
The convulsions of the earth's climate are only part of a familiar, doom-laden equation.
‘Think of it this way,’ he managed to get out in between his convulsions of laughter.
The debasement of the media can be traced in relation to the great political convulsions of the past 30 years.