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convoluted / извилистый, изогнутый, свернутый спиралью
имя прилагательное
winding, tortuous, meandering, sinuous, convoluted, serpentine
curved, bent, arched, crooked, cranked, convoluted
свернутый спиралью
convoluted, gyrate
имя прилагательное
(especially of an argument, story, or sentence) extremely complex and difficult to follow.
its convoluted narrative encompasses all manner of digressions
intricately folded, twisted, or coiled.
walnuts come in hard and convoluted shells
make (an argument, story, etc.) complex and difficult to follow.
According to the most simple model, each species is accounted for by a mono-exponential decay function that is convoluted with the respective instrument response function (IRF).
He was fully aware he was dreaming, but remained deep within the convoluted folds of his subconscious.
The intrigue is deepened by the convoluted tale of the past few months.
You turned my daughter against me with this convoluted tale that makes me look evil.
Notice the convoluted rope work.
When Douglas's character smells a rat, the convoluted thriller plot is set in motion.
Unfortunately, he is a compulsive liar whose naivety and innocence allows him to get away with the most convoluted stories.
Because the issues of censorship are so convoluted and complicated I find it difficult to come down completely on one side or the other.
Another problem is that the convoluted narrative constantly conflicts with itself and could never actually add up in real life.
The storylines are convoluted in the extreme: they twist and turn on themselves, surprising and delighting.
These issues and their connotations for academic freedom and campus sustainability are complex and convoluted .