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convocation / созыв, собрание, совет
имя существительное
meeting, assembly, collection, congregation, convention, convocation
advice, council, board, Soviet, counsel, convocation
имя существительное
a large formal assembly of people.
This was their second reunion as a similar convocation gathered for a get together in Summerhill twenty-five years ago.
the action of calling people together for a large formal assembly.
From Megiddo in 1485 BC to Kosovo in ad 1999, this argument runs, the only thing all wars have had in common has been to increase governments' powers of convocation and coercion.
The President's Office confirmed the award winner would be honored during the university's spring awards convocation , lending additional legitimacy to the award.
One such initiative was the convocation that was held here recently for these children.
Conversely he extends the hand of friendship to other heads of faiths at a convocation he convened in Rome.
The petition went on to demand the eight-hour working day, the separation of church from state, a fair wage, land to be redistributed, and the convocation of a constituent assembly.
This degree is to be awarded at their convocation on June 16, 2005.
Eleven months after receiving an invitation to address this topic for a Lutheran convocation of teaching theologians, my wife of twenty-six years was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
the arguments delayed the convocation of the first congress, planned for February 1992
The first gold medal will be awarded in the 2004 convocation to be held in late March.
‘The numbers are many,’ she told the convocation audience of more than 1,200.
Work approved by the select committee will finally be taken to a general convocation for a stamp of approval.