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convincing / убедительный
имя прилагательное
convincing, persuasive, conclusive, cogent, forceful, decisive
имя прилагательное
capable of causing someone to believe that something is true or real.
there is no convincing evidence that advertising influences total alcohol consumption
cause (someone) to believe firmly in the truth of something.
Robert's expression had obviously convinced her of his innocence
There is, as yet, no convincing archaeological evidence for tin exploitation in the west of England in the prehistoric period.
Not all experts believed that yesterday's report was convincing proof that Scots are worse off than people south of the Border, however.
There is convincing evidence in sociological literature that the search for solitude is not a luxury but a biological need.
Last year the Tories won a convincing victory to take one of Labour's three seats, and will be hoping to take another this time round.
She also talks to the school, but they don't sound very convincing .
There's fairly convincing anecdotal evidence that some personal electronic devices have interfered with systems.
And strategy seems both clearer and more convincing than this time last year.
But Barrow is keen to hammer another nail in their coffin with a convincing victory to send the fans home happy.
For every serious argument against him, Mr. Pryor had a clear, convincing answer.
Another person, confronted by apparently convincing evidence, may reasonably suspect something.