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conviction / убеждение, убежденность, уверенность
имя существительное
conviction, belief, persuasion, opinion, doxy
conviction, assurance
confidence, assurance, certainty, conviction, reliance, security
имя существительное
a formal declaration that someone is guilty of a criminal offense, made by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge in a court of law.
she had a previous conviction for a similar offense
a firmly held belief or opinion.
his conviction that the death was no accident
Perhaps, your belief is something that is an inexplicable conviction in which you trust.
The anaesthetist in the above case was found guilty and his conviction was upheld in the House of Lords.
What is sought now to be done is to ask the court to overturn a conviction because he made a decision not to call evidence.
I think, however, that if there were such a group it would not make that conviction public.
If you agree with me, then stand up with conviction for what we believe in and fight for it.
According to the relativist, belief and conviction fly out of the window because truth is, as it were, too cheap to care about.
The Court of Criminal Appeal quashed the conviction for murder and substituted one of manslaughter.
There was at least conviction and a certain musicality about Kennedy's speeches.
his conviction that the death was no accident was stronger
But not, they stress throughout the interview, out of a deep political conviction .