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conveyor / конвейер, транспортер, перевозчик
имя существительное
conveyor, conveyer, transporter, conveyance
conveyor, transporter, conveyer, carrier, conveyance
carrier, ferryman, sandpiper, conveyor, waterman
имя существительное
a person or thing that transports or communicates something.
a conveyor of information
Earlier in the program, she describes her role as the conveyor of official news rather than a skeptical reporter.
To label products on a conveyor, a target area for a given product conveyed on the conveyor is determined relative to a frame of reference.
Pallets of chicken crates were lifted up onto a conveyor which delivered the chickens to the two hangers, who unloaded the crates two-at-a-time by hand.
a conveyor of information
a conveyor of information
The curds travel over a screen that separates the fine whey from the cheese on a conveyor traveling about a foot a minute.
The massive input of freshwater from melted ice would destabilise the great conveyor system of deep ocean currents that transports heat around the globe and maintains climate the way it is.
Despite its cachet as the conveyor of the space-age communications, cable - as a technical matter - is basically a wire attached to a pole and burrowed into nearby houses.
At the north end of the property, beside the distillery's main building there was the bottling works where the bottles were filled by hand and placed on a conveyor running several feet to the labeller.
The fascination of both authors was based on a view of a ‘myth’ as more than an invented or fantastic story, but as a conveyor , a carrier of insights into, and longings for, a deeper underlying reality.