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conveyance / перевозка, передача, транспортировка
имя существительное
shipping, transportation, transport, carriage, transit, conveyance
broadcast, transfer, transmission, gear, pass, conveyance
transportation, conveyance, hauling, portage, carting
имя существительное
the action or process of transporting someone or something from one place to another.
he was building vessels for the conveyance of live cod
the legal process of transferring property from one owner to another.
protective measures that might be taken before the conveyance is concluded
The process of emotional transmission has been extended to examine the conveyance of events and experiences from one setting to another such as work to home.
art's conveyance of meaning is complicated
They are written in a good - occasionally inspired - prose style, which combines economy with the vivid conveyance of atmosphere and the impact of everyday things on the senses.
So if you had a conveyance dealing with the legal title, you would have duty attracted.
She is utterly convincing in a role that demands much more than the conveyance of simple emotions.
This is a serious subject, because a car is much more than the means of conveyance and cargo handling that he imagines it to be.
Literature searches on the conveyance of respect in addressing family members in therapy yielded no articles of an empirical nature or otherwise.
‘Do not scare others unless you want to be scared by them’; ‘Remember the car is for conveyance and not killing.’
In both the cases we have mentioned so far the two properties were in separate occupation before the date of the relevant conveyance , and the owner had given a permissive right to the occupier of the dominant land.
SUVs and the latest models of cars became visible, the border was a beehive of activity with thousands of people in any form of conveyance going across to either side to carry out chores and business.