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convertible / конвертируемый, обратимый, откидной
имя прилагательное
reversible, invertible, convertible, restorable
folding, convertible, collapsible, loose
имя существительное
автомобиль с откидным верхом
studio couch, sofa bed, davenport, convertible
имя прилагательное
able to be changed in form, function, or character.
a living room that is miraculously convertible into a bedroom
имя существительное
a car with a folding or detachable roof.
This lets workers do the convertible roof assembly, allowing convertibles to go down the same line as the sedans.
a convertible security.
At their most basic, convertibles provide a sort of security blanket for investors wishing to participate in the growth of a particular company they're unsure of.
Another convertible that caught the eye came from the U.S.
Police say the weapons were seized as it is suspected that they breach the 1982 Firearms Act, which prohibits the selling of readily convertible blank firing weapons.
It was surmised that it was all due to the limited demand that time for coupes and also due to the high price of both models - the coupe and the convertible .
It buys the convertible bonds of a company and shorts the underlying stock.
After that, following the industry trend, a steel roof coupé / convertible model will be unveiled at the Frankfurt show in September.
They provided loans which were convertible to equity on certain conditions.
Attracted by the opportunity for arbitrage with the stock market, hedge funds have also been big buyers of convertible bonds.
Finally, it is possible to buy convertible terms, which allow consumers to switch into other life contracts without further medical investigation.
Besides, what this would mean is that the air time would then be sold in any convertible currency, further removing the focus on the US dollar.
Police are working to stop the flow of convertible guns into Britain, but growing sales on uncontrolled internet sites are worrying.