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converter / преобразователь, конвертер, преобразователь тока
имя существительное
converter, transducer, transformer, reformer
преобразователь тока
converter, commutator
имя существительное
a person or thing that converts something.
the converter of a building to domestic use
She is the most efficient converter of forage to milk and of course this is a holstein.
Does anyone know of a converter that lets them burn CDs without the extra time?
Its speed can be influenced by the waste-gate valve, which is controlled by the pressure-driven converter .
In addition, you will probably have to invest in a microphone that is specially equipped with an analog-to-digital converter and a USB connector.
The structure has possible uses as a transistor or wavelength converter in optical circuits.
The other features to look for in a catalytic converter are heavy gauge construction, proper heat shielding around the converter , and ‘high flow’ design.
Setting up the hardware is simple (presuming you've already got that broadband router) as you just have to plug the phone into the converter and the converter into your router - there isn't even any software to install.
To keep the battery charged, an electric car needs a DC-to-DC converter .
It requires copying the video to a digital file on the computer using an analog converter .
the would-be converter of a building to domestic use