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conversely / наоборот, обратно, вспять
vice versa, on the contrary, conversely, backwards, contrariwise, round
back, backward, inversely, backwards, vice versa, conversely
back, round, conversely
introducing a statement or idea that reverses one that has just been made or referred to.
he would have preferred his wife not to work, although conversely he was also proud of what she did
And conversely , to drive unpredictably is to drive dangerously.
Or, conversely , if lobbying should have tax benefits for charities, then why not for everyone else as well?
Garnett, conversely , has a joyous personality and a charismatic style of play to boot.
When the country has harsh or, conversely , weak laws or a bad social network, it's harder to enforce.
And, conversely , the existence of the state proves that the class antagonisms are irreconcilable.
And conversely , the story of total freedom can't be right because there are things that just happen to us.
Do you find yourselves checking each other, each making sure the other doesn't get too syrupy or, conversely , caustic?
A collapse of a society anywhere is a global issue, and conversely , anybody anywhere in the world now has ways of reaching us.
And conversely , for every one of the best impulses of our souls, there is a demon waiting to hijack us and use us.
It was as though they had always been with me, and I found it difficult, conversely , to remember our first encounter.