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converse / разговаривать, общаться, беседовать
talk, speak, converse, confab, rap, confabulate
deal, socialize, associate, converse, commune, mix
talk, converse, chat, commune, gossip, confab
имя прилагательное
back, return, reverse, inverse, converse, opposite
inverted, turned, reverse, inverse, converse
имя существительное
обратное утверждение
обратное положение
communication, communion, intercourse, association, companionship, converse
имя прилагательное
having characteristics that are the reverse of something else already mentioned.
the slow process of growth and the converse process of decay
имя существительное
He was neither a wit nor a brilliant raconteur, neither well-read nor well-educated, and he made no great contribution to enlightened social converse .
a situation, object, or statement that is the reverse of another, or that corresponds to it but with certain terms transposed.
if spirituality is properly political, the converse is also true: politics is properly spiritual
engage in conversation.
he fell in beside her and they began to converse amicably
The next year, Littlewood proved a profound converse of a famous theorem of Norwegian mathematician Abel on the summation of series.
There is a converse relationship in the emphasis of the articles between the French Quebec and the English-language papers.
his converse at such seasons was always elevating
Desargues's Theorem and its converse are of the first importance to mathematicians by reason of their complete generality.
They say politics makes strange bedfellows, but the converse may also be true.
he fell in beside her and they began to converse amicably
On the converse side, I know a girl who is so cripplingly insecure with such a fixed negative self image that she soon brings most other people around her to seeing her as she sees herself.
The converse case, in which we encounter humanlike brains and retinas but find no verbal behavior, is the situation we encounter in the question of animal consciousness.
A similar point can be made in converse fashion.
The converse is also true: An unstable East Timor would be detrimental to Indonesia.