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conversant / сведущий, осведомленный, хорошо знакомый с
имя прилагательное
versed, adept, conversant, experienced, read, well-grounded
aware, informed, familiar, cognizant, conversant, wise
хорошо знакомый с
conversant, well-acquainted
имя прилагательное
familiar with or knowledgeable about something.
many ladies are conversant with the merits of drill-eyed needles
Already conversant in seven languages when he went to India, Carey learned Bengali and began translating the Bible into that language.
I'm not conversant in French myself, so I can't be sure if this is a reliable translation of the questions that were actually used.
Most of my working life was as a sales representative for a major insurer covering the majority of the county so I am fairly well conversant with the area.
Well-rounded students are conversant in many disciplines, she said.
Well, apparently he's not all that conversant with the word ‘shame’ either.
The Chairman said he thought that in order that the members would be fully conversant with the Harbour facilities they should make the tour of inspection.
In addition to our existing draughting and engineering skills we had to become conversant with computer technology and programming.
Is there any senior political figure reckoned to be genuinely knowledgeable and conversant in technology policy?
Getting the message through to a team made up of 11 foreign players, some of whom are not that conversant in English, cannot have been one of the easiest things to do.
It went beyond having to be conversant with American history and values.