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convergent / сходящийся, конвергентный, сходящийся в одной точке
имя прилагательное
convergent, converging
сходящийся в одной точке
имя прилагательное
coming closer together, especially in characteristics or ideas.
convergent changes in languages
There are several cases of convergent evolution between marsupials and placental mammals, in which the two animals have evolved to fill the same ecological niche in different parts of the world.
Perhaps we are still too ‘modern’ to define science so widely that it embraces the fact of subjectivity or the directional and convergent character of the cosmos.
Ample indirect evidence that this is the case comes from the many examples of functionally convergent proteins in various organisms.
We now seek solutions with a convergent power series in the open interval,
Students for whom race is central to their identity are more likely to choose an educational environment that is ethnically convergent than students for whom race is not central to their identity.
A method of summation is called regular, if it sums every convergent series to its ordinary sum.
This strategy has resulted in a series of experiments that involve many-to-one matching and that have provided a body of convergent evidence for the development of common representations.
Otherwise, if not by chance nor by shared ancestry, the similarities may only be explained by convergent evolution.
Luisa is named after Thornton Wilder's The Bridge of San Luis Rey, another tale of lives brought together in time and significance by convergent fates.
Here lies common ground, for unless that multinational interest is secured, few other national interests - convergent or divergent - can be.