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converge / сходиться, приближаться, сводить в одну точку
converge, come together, meet, mix, congregate, foregather
approach, come near, approximate, near, nigh, converge
сводить в одну точку
(of several people or things) come together from different directions so as eventually to meet.
convoys from America and the UK traversed thousands of miles to converge in the Atlantic
With the shoreline coming to a point, currents from both the north and south converge and flow seaward resulting in clear water and a concentration of nutrients to initiate an abundant food chain.
I am amazed by its astounding diversity where so many cultures converge in a spirit of oneness and harmony.
the powers of e therefore converge very slowly
By generating new hypotheses and weeding out false hypotheses, or hypotheses that perform poorly relative to others, the university of scholars will eventually converge to the Truth.
a pair of lines of longitude are parallel at the equator but converge toward the poles
Because of the averaging effect of great space and long lives, the average environment experienced by individual members of different species may also converge .
Eventually, both stories converge in an action-packed finale straight out of the Hollywood playbook (not to mention patently absurd in so many ways that it boggles the mind).
This is another of those interesting regions in which two very different developmental domains converge .
two separate people whose lives converge briefly from time to time
And since the whole country is yearning for peace, I believe these different points of view will finally converge in a grand national consensus.