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convent / монастырь, женский монастырь
имя существительное
monastery, convent, cloister, priory, abbey, house
женский монастырь
convent, nunnery
имя существительное
a Christian community under monastic vows, especially one of nuns.
Christian monasteries and convents assumed this role in the Middle Ages to discourage the abandonment of children and unwanted infants.
Maria entered the convent at the age of eighteen
On her pilgrimage to see the pope before entering the convent , she had come across a number of mediocre clerics and thereafter dedicated herself to praying for their improvement.
In interviews with the Italian press, she said she would remain single, return to America and enter a convent , hoping to be reunited with him in the afterlife.
the long windy path behind the convent
The new application sought permission to convert and refurbish the convent and erect two buildings on the site.
Kate's daughter, Elise, a gifted pianist, enters the convent at 18.
This building - a convent in a former life - was plain, but just like the gardens, well cared-for.
Just before the French Revolution, she enters a Carmelite convent to hide from the world.
The whole convent got together for prayer and worship in the sanctuary, ate all their meals together, and participated in community service.
Once she entered the convent , Thérèse wrote poems, plays (in which she also acted), and her famous memoirs.