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convenience / удобство, комфорт, выгода
имя существительное
convenience, commodity, accommodation, easement, boon
comfort, convenience, conveniences
benefit, profit, advantage, gain, avail, convenience
имя существительное
the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty.
the museum has a cafeteria for your convenience
a public toilet.
All over Europe clean, attended public conveniences have disabled facilities.
An overwhelming trend towards lifestyle convenience will favor portable, disposable formats for dairy products.
There was a cell phone in the vehicle, partly a convenience and partly a tool of emergency equipment.
The directory is a convenience and service to members.
So, there is a very strong argument on the basis of convenience for staying further proceedings.
The increase in popularity is owed to the comfort, convenience and safety of today's contacts.
It is now common for many families to ‘alter their customs’ to suit their convenience .
Our frozen meals service was introduced a few years ago to offer suitable clients the quality, choice and convenience of this type of meal.
Add that to the metal buttons on the straps and sides and you can tell that comfort and convenience didn't quite cross their minds.
services should be run to suit the convenience of customers, not of staff
the convenience of a portable phone