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convene / созывать, собираться, собирать
convene, call, summon, convoke, call together, assemble
collect, gather, meet, assemble, congregate, convene
collect, gather, pick, assemble, congregate, convene
вызывать в суд
subpoena, summon, convene, cite
call, cause, induce, call forth, summon, convene
come or bring together for a meeting or activity; assemble.
he convened a group of well-known scientists and philosophers
The leaders of three religions A, B and C decided to convene a meeting to bring about peace.
I was very angry and I demanded that the City Committee and the City Disciplinary Committee should convene a meeting to hear my report.
It is understood appeals convener Derek Carew-Hopkins is considering recommending the State Government ask the authority to submit a more detailed plan.
The mediator will usually meet with the opposing parties separately at first before convening a meeting where they are bought together.
The Regional Library is grateful to the Ballina Shire Council for convening a special Meeting of their Finance Committee to receive a deputation from the Regional Library Committee.
Later, the ousted members convened a meeting at a private club in the city.
However the relationship with management was perceived as very poor as was noted by one convenor ,
The UN has convened a meeting in Geneva between Australia, Norway and Indonesia to discuss the idea.
It's also the venue for computer classes as well as meetings convened by local sports clubs and political parties.
On March 8, 1945, he convened a meeting of magicians at the Mansion House.