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controversial / спорный, дискуссионный, любящий полемику
имя прилагательное
controversial, debatable, disputable, contentious, arguable, moot
debatable, controversial, debating, argumentative, open to question
любящий полемику
имя прилагательное
giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement.
years of wrangling over a controversial bypass
Tackling these big and controversial issues early in the third term would make sense.
This year he also implemented a controversial policy of free school meals for all city children.
She will be asked to find a solution over the controversial issue of a ban on hunting with dogs.
The event comes to the York area at a time when the issue of waste in the city was never more controversial .
If an issue is controversial , relevant opinions as well as facts may need to be considered.
it's a highly controversial issue
It will now have to look at it again, but the controversial issue will first be debated at full Council.
The debate over the use of cannabis in medicine is controversial and emotive.
she's always been controversial
A public inquiry will rule on a controversial plan to site a wind farm on moors north of Bury.