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controller / контроллер, регулятор, контролер
имя существительное
regulator, controller, governor, moderator, adjustor, damper
controller, inspector, examiner, supervisor, checker, comptroller
имя существительное
a person or thing that directs or regulates something.
the power controller on a subway train
She worked extremely hard and after 10 years she was promoted to financial controller .
As well as being the finance controller Liz's job began to take on responsibility for human resources and IT.
John Punch is the financial controller and Martin Punch is company secretary.
It cannot be done and no company would be allowed get away with it by a responsible financial controller .
the power controller on a subway train
So what can he suggest to the financial controller desperately looking for value for money?
Soon after he left for London, and had a successful career, becoming financial controller of BBC Radio.
As for comfort, I think I read that you can just rest it on your thigh like a regular controller .
It had been alleged that a particular dealer had behaved fraudulently and the controller duly exercised the power.
Hughes, who is an air-traffic controller , also invests regularly as an individual.