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control / контроль, управление, контрольный
имя существительное
control, monitoring, inspection, check, verification, grip
control, management, administration, governance, operation, office
control, monitor, check, regulate, have control over, police
control, manage, run, drive, operate, govern
regulate, adjust, control, govern, handle, tune
имя прилагательное
control, administering, regulatory, factor
dispatching, control
имя существительное
the power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events.
the whole operation is under the control of a production manager
a group or individual used as a standard of comparison for checking the results of a survey or experiment.
they saw no difference between the cancer patients and the controls
a member of an intelligence organization who personally directs the activities of a spy.
The title refers to the time when an outside spy has to ‘come in from the cold’ and take a sedentary job as another spy's control or even some menial desk assignment until the mandatory age limit forces retirement.
determine the behavior or supervise the running of.
he was appointed to control the company's marketing strategy
take into account (an extraneous factor that might affect results) when performing an experiment.
no attempt was made to control for variations
You retain a position of power and control despite all the changes in the work area.
This cushions the impact of the pass and gives you better control of the ball.
the security situation is under control
She managed to regain control of herself for long enough to cry out in fear.
You have no control over the event - it has happened, it is past - but you can choose your reaction.
no attempt was made to control for variations
His eyes were wild and he still had not regained complete control of himself.
Total absence of care or health services cannot be considered a suitable control standard.
the whole operation is under the control of a production manager
her eyes flashed angrily, but she made an effort to control herself