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contrived / затевать, придумывать, умудряться
contrive, meditate, plan, engineer, brew
invent, think, think up, think of, devise, concoct
имя прилагательное
deliberately created rather than arising naturally or spontaneously.
Here, however, several contrived situations are grafted into the plot to generate artificial tension.
create or bring about (an object or a situation) by deliberate use of skill and artifice.
his opponents contrived a crisis
The outside shots of the hospital during a thunderstorm look impressive, but the fire visuals are as artificial as the contrived resolution.
Though supposedly posing a test of survival skills, the desert-island situation was rather contrived .
Is her vulnerability a natural or contrived circumstance?
Though its outcome could be considered contrived , the plot is woven with skill, leaving us always anticipating when it will pick up and proceed with another thread.
Though the exposition is convoluted and a lot of the plot details are contrived , I kind of dug the story.
The actors enter and exit through an archway at the rear of the stage, reminding the audience of the deliberately contrived nature of the play.
Thus a contrived dichotomy between human rights and national security has been artificially orchestrated.
Harris rejected such an ahistorical and artificially contrived formulation of African studies.
Other critics cite stock characterization, weak plots, and contrived endings.
The seemingly haphazard arrangement of pavilions was a contrived effect, it can be seen as a stand against the Beaux Arts tradition.