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contrive / затевать, придумывать, умудряться
contrive, meditate, plan, engineer, brew
invent, think, think up, think of, devise, contrive
create or bring about (an object or a situation) by deliberate use of skill and artifice.
his opponents contrived a crisis
Both contrive to produce misses out of impossibly promising situations.
Even if you manage to get them in, they will contrive to escape at the first opportunity.
Where other managements would somehow contrive to squeeze double the number of rooms within the same confines, they always seems to go in the opposite direction, as though trying to see how few rooms he can incorporate.
The real miracle, though, is that you could contrive a way to have a food crisis.
As a consequence story-writers are forced to contrive elaborate plots that just go on and on and on.
And truly the point is not to contrive a precise plan or even to pass a plan that does all of the above.
She knows that she must not run and yet, desperate as she is, cannot contrive an escape plan.
Were the Gods contriving to do us down once more on the major stage of the championship day?
Credit to both sides for braving the elements and playing this game but, really, the weather contrived to make good football impossible and this game was very one-sided indeed.
As his secretary later wrote: ‘in matters of counsel, nothing for the most part was done without him, for that nothing was thought well done whereof he was not the contriver and director.’