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contrivance / приспособление, изобретение, выдумка
имя существительное
device, adaptation, accommodation, adjustment, attachment, contrivance
invention, patent, device, artifice, contrivance, notion
artifice, invention, fiction, fabrication, story, contrivance
имя существительное
a thing that is created skillfully and inventively to serve a particular purpose.
an assortment of electronic equipment and mechanical contrivances
But her work is very much about contrivance and artificiality.
Neither contrivance serves much purpose story-wise, other than to advance time and create tension during commercial breaks.
It would have been nice to know if there really was such a thing in the areas that Britain colonized or if it was merely a fictional contrivance of the writer.
Although many connect the word with a quiet life of withdrawal, I need a word to designate those times when we sense that a life is being lived well, that a conviction is held honestly, without contrivance .
The overall storyline is slight, and relies on at least one significant contrivance , but the movie offers enough in the way of small pleasures to be worth a recommendation, provided you enjoy this kind of low-key drama.
Coincidence and contrivance have played a significant role in your work.
But possession breeds use as every apprentice office equipment salesman knows full well, and the contrivance that was unwanted yesterday becomes indispensable today.
In our scheme of things it matters not, or it is of no import, whether the people intervene by accident of fate or by way of contrivance .
This contrivance has aesthetic consequences or is associated with aesthetic shortcomings.
A master at work, he commands the screen with an effortless ease and a complete lack of artifice or contrivance .