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contributory / способствующий, содействующий, сотрудничающий
имя прилагательное
conducive, contributory, conducing, instrumental, ministerial
contributory, contributor, coefficient, subservient, ministerial, adjutant
cooperating, contributory
имя существительное
делающий взнос
имя прилагательное
playing a part in bringing something about.
smoking may be a contributory cause of lung cancer
(of or relating to a pension or insurance plan) operated by means of a fund into which people pay.
contributory benefits
His looks are important, a contributory factor to the success that has made him one of Britain's best known television actors and a regular on the chat-show circuit.
When we talk about speed being a significant contributory factor in accident casualty rates that is exactly what we mean.
Under the new arrangements, the contributory old-age pension will rise to 167.30 per week.
Psychiatric disorders are the main risk factor, but numerous studies have also identified physical illness as an important contributory factor.
The other great contributory factor is the weather.
The basic state pension is contributory only in the sense that the payment of sufficient contributions is a condition of entitlement.
The contributory pension is up an enormous 68% since 1997.
Many women after spending a life working on farms have no record of any employment and are not entitled to a contributory old age pension.
In return, the Company offers a competitive salary, a contributory Pension Scheme, life insurance and a company car.
The union is also stepping up its campaign to have the contributory old age pension increased to 34% of average industrial earnings.