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contribution / вклад, взнос, содействие
имя существительное
contribution, deposit, investment, endowment, deposition, holding
contribution, fee, payment, deposit, ante, levy
assistance, promotion, contribution, aid, agency, instrumentality
cooperation, collaboration, partnership, contribution
donation, donating, endowment, contribution, offering, grant
имя существительное
a gift or payment to a common fund or collection.
charitable contributions
The group does not charge for its services, but many users make a voluntary contribution .
This family has made a major contribution to our social, cultural and historic heritage.
His work was therefore a major contribution to both geometry and to dynamics.
Does it celebrate his unique gifts and encourage the contribution he is more than eager to make?
he made a lasting contribution by designing the modern radio telescope
she always underplays her own contribution
He refused fees, but suggested instead a contribution to the research fund that he established.
All three students made a major contribution to the college's work to encourage good race relations in the town.
It is widely accepted by commentators that he has made a major contribution to the peace process.
there was scarcely a branch of art to which he did not make a contribution