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contretemps / неприятность, непредвиденное осложнение, непредвиденное затруднение
имя существительное
trouble, nuisance, unpleasantness, annoyance, mess, contretemps
непредвиденное осложнение
непредвиденное затруднение
имя существительное
an unexpected and unfortunate occurrence.
the hotel had to deal with more than one contretemps before the end of the night
the hotel had to deal with more than one contretemps before the end of the night
she had occasional contretemps with her staff
Its happy consummation is delayed over five volumes by intrigues, contretemps , and misunderstandings, many of them designed to exhibit the virtues and failings of Camilla, or to test and improve her character.
Stay tuned for how this little contretemps resolves itself.
The episode evoked an earlier contretemps , when the ministry of culture judged the visual-arts biennale to be overly sympathetic to new media at the expense of painting.
A contretemps involving mistaken identities reminiscent of the opera lightheartedly weaves through the antics of farmers, dwellers, and other rural folk.
It's hard to ignore the interoffice elements of the contretemps .
Public contretemps sometimes can't be avoided.
This contretemps may have resulted, in part, from a simple paucity of means: only $500,000 was allotted for the whole undertaking.
Then you find yourself in the midst of a minor contretemps , and everyone gets more readers.