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contravene / противоречить, нарушать, идти вразрез
contradict, disagree, conflict, counter, contravene, go against
violate, break, disturb, infringe, breach, contravene
идти вразрез
cut across, contravene, be out of tune
violate the prohibition or order of (a law, treaty, or code of conduct).
this would contravene the rule against hearsay
Since the traumatic incident was, by definition, unpleasant, its repetition appeared to contravene the pleasure principle.
They are curtailed because it is unreasonable to reach a decision which contravenes or could contravene human rights unless there are sufficiently significant countervailing considerations.
These are concrete factual matters and they wish to ensure that their intended activity does not contravene valid law.
Any mark of disgrace worn under order would contravene this principle.
this would contravene the rule against hearsay
The endeavour is to bring those who contravene international law to justice, whether for genocide, possessing illegal weapons or whatever.
If, on the other hand, members of organisations do engage in acts which contravene the criminal law then the law is able to deal with them.
The essence of this principle seems to be that citizens who know that their conduct is on the borderline of illegality take the risk that their behaviour will be held to contravene the law.
This is because to refuse treatment would contravene the principle that people should be able to move freely to work in another EC country.
What chance, then, of the judges now forbidding parliament to contravene our home-grown constitutional principle of the rule of law?