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contrarian / противоположный
имя существительное
a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion, especially in stock exchange dealing.
Since then, bear market losses and dashed hopes have taught them to be more skeptical - which to bullish contrarians just makes this rally all the more credible.
имя прилагательное
opposing or rejecting popular opinion; going against current practice.
the comment came more from a contrarian disposition than moral conviction
We've always valued such marginalization because it leads to contrarian positions - at their best, they lead to theories more original, perspectives more perceptive.
At the same time as he developed this contrarian personality to society he still secretly yearned for an audience.
I have to tell you that Mike's contrarian intellectualizing on the subject of reporters and the law was more amusing when it was all hypothetical.
The charming yet contrarian British bad boy slammed the march as a waste of time.
Bloggers, who post daily journals consisting mostly of links to and brief commentaries on TV and newspaper coverage, tend to carry contrarian viewpoints.
Savers who want to swim against the tide can simply buy funds that pick up on contrarian trends.
Publishing and responding to criticism invariably triggers contrarian pieces from readers, rebalancing debate as if by magic!
Many of the Deanies I spoke to in Iowa referred to his candor and contrarian stances in terms that would be familiar to Minnesotans who felt similar ties to Paul Wellstone or Jesse Ventura.
Do you have that one last remaining late-adopter contrarian friend who still refuses to have any sort of web presence?
Investors who look to take the opposing stance to the majority are known as contrarians and next week I'll be setting out the rules of contrarian trading: how to buy and sell when others won't.