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contraption / штуковина, хитроумное изобретение, штучка
имя существительное
contraption, thingummy, doodad, hickey, widget, gismo
хитроумное изобретение
trick, contraption
имя существительное
a machine or device that appears strange or unnecessarily complicated, and often badly made or unsafe.
There are the flying machines and steam contraptions , technology from a fantastic version of the industrial age.
The mechanised contraption rattled its way over the rolling hills.
A flood light granted sight to the strangest mechanical contraption any of them had ever seen.
Bodies were needed to carry the contraption , for it had no wheels.
The noisy contraption of an elevator stopped once it reached the bottom of the shaft.
It took old-fashioned rocket science to put the contraption into orbit on September 27 last year.
Also displayed are two power-gliders, which are two-seater contraptions powered by small engines.
Fruit machines used to be pretty simple contraptions , but you'd need a mathematics degree to operate them these days.
It was at least twice as big as a normal airplane hangar, with strange looking contraptions flying about.
At first, you might think that writing about mechanical contraptions could end up being an extremely boring and dry endeavour.
Giant machines and preternatural contraptions can dominate the landscape.