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contralto / контральто
имя существительное
contralto, alto
имя существительное
the lowest female singing voice.
she sang in a high contralto
Daniels is a phenomenon: he's a man who sounds like a female contralto - a very strong female contralto !
Marietta Simpson's full, rich contralto never degenerates into wobble.
His writing for contralto or mezzo-soprano, to a text by Theocritus, is surely a masterpiece.
By adding the Magdalen as a contralto , Elgar acquired an important additional female role.
His aunt and uncle, the contralto Louise Homer and the composer Sidney Homer, who was Barber's mentor for more than 25 years, encouraged his studies.
Brahms wrote three piano rhapsodies as well as the Alto Rhapsody for contralto , male chorus, and orchestra.
It exists on a continuum with her other work in its carefully constructed ruminations on love bathed in her soaring contralto .
Her rich contralto , with both range and depth, is unwavering throughout this sometimes rawboned story.
At that time, she refused the role because it was written for a soprano and she was a contralto .
She enjoyed singing lessons, sang as a contralto in St Mary's Anglican Church choir and took part in many local concerts.