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contradict / противоречить, возражать, опровергать
contradict, disagree, conflict, counter, contravene, go against
mind, object, object to, protest, contradict, retort
refute, disprove, contradict, belie, rebut, confute
deny the truth of (a statement), especially by asserting the opposite.
the survey appears to contradict the industry's claims
Now no one will speak candidly about him or take him on or contradict him.
he did not contradict her but just said nothing
don't contradict
I like to oppose and contradict people for the fun of it.
Expectations that contradict actual experience cause stress for survivors and potential conflicts with family, work, and the medical team.
Even where the facts are there to contradict him, his personal belief is privileged over external evidence.
I could not disagree with him or contradict him without him taking it as a personal attack.
Some sought to contradict him, while others tried, unsuccessfully, to ignore his prying.
The teachers and certain people in the administration are extremely closed-minded to any ideas that conflict or contradict their own.
Without going into all the nitty-gritty details, Rice gave her loose denial when there was very little in the public record to contradict her.