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contractual / договорный
имя прилагательное
treaty, contractual, contract, negotiable, contracted, agreed
имя прилагательное
agreed in a contract.
a contractual obligation
It is easy to make too much of the contractual nature of the relationship.
It has also imposed contractual terms that do not permit either bidder to reveal those bids.
We would be obliged if you would revise your Minutes to reflect this contractual requirement.
A person who enters into a binding contract acquires contractual rights that are created by the contract.
He did not think it could change and saw it as a binding contractual commitment.
The duties owed by the pastor to the church are not contractual or enforceable.
We agreed to co-operate with and assist you to comply with your contractual obligations with regard to the defect.
A sharp rise in contractual obligations could, de facto, wipe out his precarious autonomy.
But as the speech of Lord Goff demonstrates, that contractual obligation is of little utility.
The frequency of renegotiation is troubling because the contractual changes often are not desirable.