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contraceptive / противозачаточное средство
имя существительное
противозачаточное средство
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(of a method or device) serving to prevent pregnancy.
the contraceptive pill
имя существительное
a device or drug serving to prevent pregnancy.
At least if we can educate them about contraceptives and protection the teenage pregnancy rate will fall.
One important issue for patients following emergency contraception therapy is starting a routine contraceptive method.
There is a similar knowledge gap about how physicians can optimize contraceptive counseling.
In the club, teenagers will receive medical guidance about various contraceptive methods with their privacy well protected.
There is, however, little knowledge of the sexual and contraceptive behaviour of seasonal workers from which public policy can be developed.
The combined goals of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy should be considerations when choosing a contraceptive method.
She believes that the contraceptive pill, like pregnancy, will eventually be shown to protect against breast cancer.
In societies where contraceptive knowledge is poor, abortion is the only means available to women to control their reproduction.
Lastly, we collected demographic information as well as relationship details, such as duration of relationship and contraceptive method used.
Second, it hindered the development of a cadre of doctors and nurses with the knowledge and skills to provide contraceptive services.
Most women who discontinue hormonal contraception do not use another contraceptive method and are therefore at high risk for unintended pregnancy.