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contrabass / контрабас
имя существительное
contrabass, double bass, counterbass
имя прилагательное
denoting a musical instrument with a range an octave lower than the normal bass range.
a contrabass clarinet
I played contrabass clarinet in the school Concert Band, guitar in the Jazz Big Band, percussion in the school orchestra and I began to write music.
Gustafsson plays contrabass saxophone, but his contribution is also too brief, though staggering enough when it does enter the fray.
The musician, an Estonian-born musician, specialized in the contrabass .
The performer, who plays contrabass , remembers the sensational popularity of the song.
Among the collection's highlights are the double slide contrabass trombone which inspired Wagner to write for the instrument in his Ring Cycle, a crystal glass flute and an early euphonium.
It begins with electronic sounds of garbled voices and interference from static-laden radio channels, and gradually introduces gentle guitar strumming, stately piano chords, warm contrabass , and dreamy steel guitar.
These horns are often found in their lowest manifestation, with Havard Lund playing bass clarinet and Nils Jansen alternating between contrabass clarinet and bass saxophone.
His primary instruments are the contrabass , voice, piano, electronics, and various percussive devices.
The work is more of a textural tone poem - and a rather heavy-handed one at that - spending most of its time in a noisy netherworld of guitars, electronics, and occasional contrabass saxophone.
A low-pitched member of a family of instruments, with a range lower than tenor and higher than contrabass or double bass.