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contraband / контрабанда
имя существительное
smuggling, contraband, fair trade, free trade
имя прилагательное
smuggled, contraband, bootleg
заниматься контрабандой
smuggle, contraband, interlope
имя прилагательное
imported or exported illegally, either in defiance of a total ban or without payment of duty.
contraband drug shipments
имя существительное
goods that have been imported or exported illegally.
the police looked for drugs, guns, and other contraband
Wisconsin upheld a regulation that allowed probation officers to search probationers based on ‘reasonable grounds’ to believe contraband is present.
This amount would be equal to that received from the transit and contraband of all merchandise.
He added that trained police dogs have long been a presence in Army prisons, where they are used for sniffing out narcotics and other contraband among the prisoners, and, occasionally, for riot control.
But 90 per cent of those polled also backed random searches for contraband - and educational authorities are making moves to ‘get tough in the war on drugs’.
There is no doubt that without the dogs some of that contraband would go on down the road.
Membership has instead arguably contributed to a growth in the shadow economy, and most notably, contraband , due to tax harmonization.
Warden replied that forfeiture ‘typically extends to the proceeds of some crime or contraband .’
Knowing Rory, he probably ran a little contraband on the side, but the authorities often turn a blind eye to small scale smuggling.
You were with me, and we were busy busting that international contraband gang.
If they catch me, I'll flee across the Mexican border with my truckload of contraband .