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contour / контур, профиль, горизонталь
имя существительное
circuit, contour, outline, path, profile, line
profile, section, shape, contour, side view, cutout
horizontal, contour, contour line
имя прилагательное
contour, outline, contoured, in outline, unshaded
наносить контур
вычерчивать в горизонталях
имя существительное
an outline, especially one representing or bounding the shape or form of something.
she traced the contours of his face with her finger
mold into a specific shape, typically one designed to fit into something else.
the compartment has been contoured with smooth rounded corners
mark (a map or diagram) with contour lines.
a huge contoured map
(of a road or railroad) follow the outline of (a topographical feature), especially along a contour line.
the road contours the hillside
Regardless of the words, it seems the melodic contour of the song describes the nature of the land over which the song passes.
Dialogues varying only in their intonation contour (specifically in pitch accent or boundary tone) were presented in a random order to 47 speakers of Midwestern American English.
The outer edge is being cut to contour and then rolled into shape.
The contour of the song from order to disorder isn't exactly revolutionary, but the change is gradual enough not to be obvious on the first couple of listens.
In Korn's unfortunate sentence, where the ambiguities are structural, a skilled speaker could easily signal the desired analysis by differences in timing, pitch contour and voice quality.
For instance, on the excellent piano-driven waltz ‘Irish Elk,’ he just seems to be singing without any sense of melodic contour , and he fails to deliver a convincing hook.
the movement tends to place more emphasis on rhythm than melodic contour
Yet the map shows a broad swathe of relatively flat land skirting the foothills of the mountain at the 100ft / 33m contour , and extending up to Bundoran.
Does the contour of their accented tongues create a particular Hispanic laugh pattern?
Surgeons have advanced in technique to shape and contour the deeper facial tissues and resuspend them.