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contortionist / акробат, человек-змея
имя существительное
acrobat, contortionist, tumbler, equilibrist, distortionist
distortionist, contortionist
имя существительное
an entertainer who twists and bends their body into strange and unnatural positions.
In addition to the band, he had a slew of video artists and contortionists , and some on-stage body piercing.
Heck, sometime the chips they carry are so large that you have to be a contortionist to avoid knocking them over.
And perhaps from yoga, or more likely from an innate lack of ligaments, he has acquired the flexibility of a contortionist .
In the way he played with our sense both of being a body and having a body, the contortionist seemed a kind of mystic.
The musclemen who balance each other upside down on their shoulders; the acrobat who spins inside a hoop; the contortionist packed into a suitcase: these are the things that draw the audience applause.
You'd need to be a contortionist to handle that manipulation of body, head and base of body.
He shoots portraits of whatever speaks to him - from a contortionist to a fast food worker, from the disabled to a young patriot, his work is about ordinary Americans leading ordinary lives, yet there is something awry.
The company is five people - a contortionist , a dancer, an acrobat, an opera singer/actress, and a dancer/actor.
There are six feet of standing headroom and sufficient room, with the door closed, to change clothes without feeling like a contortionist .
‘We did one painting of a contortionist that basically serves as the icon for the whole thing,’ says Wasserman.
In another work, a cabaret contortionist smokes a cigarette and reads a book in an improbable state of repose.