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continuity / непрерывность, преемственность, целостность
имя существительное
continuity, regularity, incessancy
continuity, succession
integrity, continuity, integrality
имя существительное
the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time.
pension rights accruing through continuity of employment
the maintenance of continuous action and self-consistent detail in the various scenes of a movie or broadcast.
a continuity error
Or is it a point at which continuity should be more important than change?
We literally had to control all the sound and vision as the continuity announcer would do.
The queen, however, is as constant as the polar star, and it is that continuity , stability and dignity which Britons are now celebrating.
This was seen on the BBC, as Ulster Television would use their continuity announcers to do the same.
Civil servants love continuity and hate change.
Paul's voice adopted the exaggerated tones of a TV continuity announcer.
This is a problem for the law, which does not like surprises and certainly proceeds by analogising new situations to old ones in order to build continuity .
The analysis viewed the situation as critical and said there was an even greater need for continuity in foreign policy, and increased responsibility on the side of the new rulers.
Our goal was to ensure continuity of operations while we developed new and more aggressive policies.
He said it was the intention to build for the future by embracing change while maintaining continuity , and, in an age of marketing and packaging, aesthetics should not be elevated above ethics.