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continuation / продолжение, возобновление
имя существительное
continuation, extension, sequel, continuance, prolongation, resumption
resumption, renewal, revival, recommencement, continuation, reproduction
имя существительное
the action of carrying something on over a period of time or the process of being carried on.
the continuation of discussions about a permanent peace
The annual Budget is a natural process of continuation of financial policies and it should build up on the edifice that exists already.
Our submission is that it is an affront to the administration of justice if the continuation of the proceedings would be an abuse.
the continuation of discussions about a permanent peace
The real blame for the continuation in office of the increasingly megalomaniacal Maire lies with the Liberals.
Another concern is the continuation of drought conditions across much of the south-east of the country.
Services needed to be used to guarantee continuation .
They argue that his contributions are nothing more than a continuation of Stalin's positions.
Required preventative treatments as a condition for issuance and continuation of a policy.
The continuation of economic austerity policies under these conditions has provoked a wave of upheavals throughout the continent.
the government's continuation in office