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contextualize / контекстуализировать
place or study in context.
the book contextualizes Melville's short fiction and poetry
The highly situated and situational nature of service learning requires that teacher-scholars in this field contextualize our studies and findings.
Even as the authors provide captions conveying artists' descriptions of the works, they fail to adequately contextualize these captions.
Can there not be studies that explore, complicate, flesh out, or contextualize this central narrative with new insights and evidence?
And finally, I may also forget to include key information that would help to contextualize a given situation.
Moreover, they fail to contextualize Artemisia's experience and uncritically assume that the rape and trial were the most consequential events of the artist's long life.
This will provide an overall context for each national case study and will help contextualize the use of Internet technology by environmental groups.
To have a sign remains insufficient, however, for it is biblical contextualization and argumentation that gives a sign meaning.
It always amazes me when I find a picture that contextualizes my thoughts, when I find truth in that cliché about a picture and a thousand words.
She rightfully takes exception to New Zealand texts, which purport to democratise the understanding of war but fail to contextualise women's experiences.
In broad strokes, the book is about contextualization , Asian characteristics of Christian theologies, interreligious dialogue and Christian theology, and Asian forms of liberation theology.