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contentment / удовлетворенность, довольство
имя существительное
contentment, complacency, complacence
contentment, content
имя существительное
a state of happiness and satisfaction.
he found contentment in living a simple life in the country
And they increasingly look to their work as their main source of satisfaction and contentment .
Being in tune with nature is the easiest and only way of ensuring a life of contentment and happiness.
Life on the land involved much manual labour but it was a way of life that gave them contentment and peace of mind.
Reddy was an avid reader and got many hours of contentment and enjoyment from books and newspapers.
The core concern of liberalism is the happiness and contentment of individual human beings.
Is the quest for happiness and contentment more important than the acquisition of knowledge?
Her faith was a central part of her long life and through it she found much peace, strength and contentment .
he found contentment in living a simple life in the country
Happiness comes form contentment within and not amount of money will change that.
The days and nights that followed were a blur of happiness, enjoyment and contentment .