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contention / утверждение, раздор, конкуренция
имя существительное
affirmation, approval, statement, assertion, claim, contention
discord, strife, contention
competition, rivalry, contention
имя существительное
heated disagreement.
the captured territory was one of the main areas of contention between the two countries
an assertion, especially one maintained in argument.
statistics bear out his contention that many runners are undertrained for this event
So the only area of contention is the area of where we are investigating behaviour that may be unlawful.
We say that if it is necessary, the second respondent in its argument has raised a contention .
One area of contention is whether a confession made by a co-defendant may be tendered by a defendant.
In view of their Lordships, however, such a contention is not maintainable.
On teen pregnancy I have to say that official statistics do not support her contention .
An e-voting system like this is an invitation for fraud, and sure to be a point of contention when the votes are counted.
Freud's contention that all dreams were wish fulfilment
It plainly indicates that a controversy or contention has arisen between the parties.
Indeed, my contention is that everyone in his movies is completely real.
This diversity is one of the main points of contention between astrologers themselves.