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contented / довольный, удовлетворенный, умиротворенный
имя прилагательное
satisfied, pleased, happy, content, contented, glad
satisfied, complacent, contented, sated
pacified, contented, becalmed, appeased, conciliated
имя прилагательное
happy and at ease.
I felt warm and contented
satisfy (someone).
nothing would content her
Amazingly, Euan is a smiley, contented baby, despite all his health problems.
Soon all the other children were happy and contented with their situations, but not Jox.
She admits that it has been a hard road but now, at 54, she has never been more contented with her life and work.
When he was finally contented with what he saw, the shrill cry of his whistle swelled throughout the football field.
Slinking back into his chair, Moby takes another deep breath and allows himself a small and somewhat contented smile.
They wish her many more contented years in health and happiness and pay tribute to a noble lady who possesses sterling qualities.
Although it could hardly support the life of glamour and luxury she had been accustomed to all her life, Erin was more than contented with it.
The fact is that he sounds so, well, jolly contented , and perhaps a bit of lonely yearning would have made the material a little more challenging and rewarding.
Kirara and I strolled back home contented with the shopping.
She was a very jolly and contented person with a hearty laugh.