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contemptible / презренный
имя прилагательное
despicable, contemptible, abject, pitiful, paltry, picayune
имя прилагательное
deserving contempt; despicable.
a display of contemptible cowardice
This I find to be contemptible because it is the result of an activity dissimilar to smoking, but also because it implies that smoking in public should banned.
It can only be seen as a professor's contemptible effort to bully a student with whose politics he disagrees.
Back to the contemptible hive of infamy from which you came!
To mischaracterize and attack an organization whose sole mission is to end harassment is contemptible .
Instead we have a government that seems determined to be re-elected by scaremongering and it's utterly contemptible .
On at least three occasions the way you treated this girl was cowardly and contemptible .
If he does, his failure to spell this out is contemptible .
Though a rock star, he found most rock music contemptible and really wanted to be a jazz and symphonic composer.
Sometimes left-wing commentary is just ignorant; other times it is deeply contemptible .
Our proud ancestors repelled the invaders, but their contemptible descendants are sided with the invaders.