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contemporary / современный, одновременный, одной эпохи
имя прилагательное
modern, present, contemporary, current, new, recent
simultaneous, contemporaneous, synchronous, contemporary
одной эпохи
имя существительное
contemporary, coeval
contemporary, fellow
contemporary, coeval, fellow
имя прилагательное
living or occurring at the same time.
the event was recorded by a contemporary historian
belonging to or occurring in the present.
the tension and complexities of our contemporary society
имя существительное
a person or thing living or existing at the same time as another.
he was a contemporary of Darwin
In short, there is at present no endogenous theory capable of unifying contemporary societies and no imposed or imported ideology can be simply substituted for it.
It takes into consideration a huge variety of cultural, personal and social concerns, creating a vivid mosaic that presents a contemporary image of our Canadian identity.
Cumulative dramatic structure is all-important in Mercadante, a younger contemporary of Verdi, and the excisions proved detrimental.
Rather than present well-known contemporary works, this concert will feature many new works.
It is a travelling show which builds on exhibitions held earlier to present contemporary works from both the East and the West.
For Packer, even the present isn't contemporary enough.
I think this anecdote provides a good example of the limitations confronting a contemporary labour historian who is trying to provide the most honest, accurate account possible.
Maya was a contemporary of the Mexican surrealist painter Remedios Varo, and even looked a bit like her.
I spent much of my early career working with musicians and presenting traditional and contemporary poetry as theater for school-aged children.
Most contemporary historians tend to de-personalise war with dry statistics and lots of military detail.