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contemporaneous / современный, одновременный
имя прилагательное
modern, present, contemporary, current, new, contemporaneous
simultaneous, contemporaneous, synchronous, contemporary
имя прилагательное
existing or occurring in the same period of time.
Pythagoras was contemporaneous with Buddha
Both frameworks are described in the context of the contemporaneous social and political background.
Finding contemporaneous material to accompany old movies is a challenge, I understand.
Mr Lipman also produces his contemporaneous note recording the remark.
Ultimately, history is contemporaneous with the present, in the form of karmas by which all actions of the past live in the now.
Mr. Ellice produced a contemporaneous note he claimed to support his version.
It is apparent that this note was not strictly contemporaneous in that it also refers to events which occurred later in the day.
We don't know, but it appears that it was made in contemporaneous time.
Well, it would have been cooler and so much more contemporaneous to like this album way back then.
So that is a contemporaneous update, your Honour, of present psychological state.
So measuring these elements will indicate if a group of bones are contemporaneous or of different periods.