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contemplation / созерцание, размышление, рассмотрение
имя существительное
contemplation, meditation
thinking, meditation, reflection, thought, contemplation, think
consideration, review, approval, contemplation, speculation
имя существительное
the action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.
the road is too busy for leisurely contemplation of the scenery
The rosary is one of the traditional paths of Christian prayer directed to the contemplation of Christ's face.
His views are echoed by others in the town who stress the importance of allowing access for prayer and contemplation - particularly in troubled times.
No evidence is before the court that any new appliance is under design or construction - or even in contemplation , within the jurisdiction.
If you feel Christmas should be a time of quiet prayer and contemplation , then a retreat could be just what you're looking for, and by the time you return all the fuss will be over for another year.
Hours of quiet meditation and contemplation upon the fundamental meaning of existence and relationship to the world around them would seem to have been the pattern of their lives.
In 1836, after several weeks of prayer and contemplation , he was converted and baptized into the membership of a Baptist church.
He balances imaginative contemplation of Christ's Passion with calls to ascetic efforts, regarding each as balancing and correcting the dangers of the other.
An oblong of pebbles and short posts anchored by a gnarled, leafless tree creates the isolated beach where Braidie retreats in contemplation .
I usually follow it with meditation and contemplation .
Practicing meditation and contemplation is how we purify our mind, just as we polish a crystal ball, so that we can actually see the full display of radiance.